The work presented here constitutes everything that I have done since completing my BFA.

I am perpetually in search of new venues to display my work. I am always more than happy to make a trip out to your gallery to show you examples of my work in person. If you're simply interested in getting a piece directly from me, I will be more than happy to arrange a visit, to show you the piece(s) of interest in person.

Artist's Statement:

My work's purpose is to give shape to shapeless things, namely time, weight, heat, and distress. Essentially everything that I create is a self-portrait in the sense that I aim to accomplish nothing other than a full expression of myself or a facet of myself, and the indulgence of my own vision with each piece. The content is typically personal and drawn from my own life. I like to employ the titles of the work to imply meaning subtly without commanding it or giving it away. Like Marcel Duchamp, I believe that the viewer completes the work.

From a technical standpoint, I only work with materials pulled from the real world. I rarely buy any materials from art supply stores. Each piece is very sculptural mixed media, generally on wood, involving any combination of my blood, house paint, spray paint, polyurethane, epoxy resin, burnt wood, various rusted metals, twine, string, yarn, duct tape, electrical tape, wire, cloth, vinyl, permanent marker, pencil, photos, and/or various found objects.

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